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All coffee drinks are made from our private label freshly roasted beans. We use strict preparation techniques so that every cup is prepared the same exact way. Quality and Consistency are what we provide in every single cup.


Eagle Specialty Coffee: Monmouth County’s Best Kept Coffee Secret

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If you’re driving down New Jersey Route 35 South, heading toward the Monmouth Mall, you’ll pass a three-storefront building on your right. In the storefront on the right, you’ll see a Rita’s, a Philly Pretzel Factory at the center, and the storefront on the left? Well, that space is occupied by a fantastic independent coffee shop called Eagle Specialty Coffee.

Walking in, you’ll see a coffee shop with a very streamlined, modern look that doesn’t feel cold or uninviting. Rather, you’ll find a place with very friendly baristas who make good cups of coffee without taking a long time to do so.

The area surrounding Eagle is saturated with corporate coffee places like Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, and QuikCheck. Sure, they have successful business models. It’s not like those places have terrible coffee, but all those places definitely do not have coffee as high quality as Eagle. Eagle’s coffee tastes like a true premium brew without having to pay any outlandish price for a cup of it.

The first few times I ventured to Eagle, I applied a test I normally do every time I go to an independent coffee shop. Every time I visit a new independent coffee shop, I order a vanilla latte. I’ll then come back two more times, and if another barista is working, I’ll order another vanilla latte from the other barista. To me, just as any bartender should be able to make a decent whiskey sour, any barista should be able to make something simple like a vanilla latte. I tried three vanilla lattes from Eagle, each prepared by a different barista, and I can safely say each time the beverage was delicious, no matter who made it. That’s a good thing to know, from a customer’s standpoint – that the staff are consistent with making quality beverages.

Since then, I’ve tried a few other different menu items at Eagle, and each time, they set a new standard for what I expect in beverage quality from coffee shops. Never once have I been disappointed from taking a chance on different menu items there. I know this for sure, if I lived any closer to Eagle, I would be there every day to get my daily caffeine fix.

Eagle Specialty Coffee is open seven days a week, with varying hours.



Your Eagle Specialty Coffee Franchise Opportunity Awaits You

The coffee industry is booming in America, with more than half of the adult population drinking coffee daily, Eagle Specialty Coffee is the best franchise choice. Our model offers a higher gross margin, a low waste product and is easy to run due to our streamlined process, with high operating margins to maximize profitability for you.



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